Dear VBS Director in Uncertain Times

Dear VBS Director in Uncertain Times,

As the old hymn reminds us, “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. “ We hold fast to Christ and we strive to be ambassadors of Jesus in the midst of uncertainty and rapid change. As a VBS Director, you know that VBS is the perfect vehicle to do this. Not only does VBS unite people of all ages, it is one of the most exciting ways to share Christ with children and families. This summer people will have a great desire to gather and reconnect with friends, giving the church a wide open door to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel. This could truly be the best year ever to invite kids, teens, and adults to volunteer and participate in VBS. However, VBS planning may look different this year and you may be wondering how you can adapt to the current situation.

Here are some helpful suggestions.

What do you already know?

  • VBS fulfills the Great Commission by sharing the Gospel.
  • VBS is an important outreach opportunity to your community.
  • Parents search for healthy activities for their children during the summer time.
  • People of all ages will be excited to gather again whenever that time comes.

What schedule adjustments can you make?

  • Possibly postpone the decision to have VBS. Communicate online when a decision will be announced.
  • Publicize registration if your VBS is currently scheduled for late June, July or August.
  • Reschedule VBS from early summer to late summer and advertise it as a “Back to School Bash”.
  • Schedule VBS during Labor Day Weekend and call it “September Surprise” or “Summer Do-Over”.
  • Plan for an evening VBS that can still happen after school begins.
  • Make VBS a Fall Family Festival during Columbus Day weekend.

What are some alternative ideas?

  • Use VBS materials for a series of “Parents Night Out” on Fridays for a month after churches reopen.
  • Use VBS materials for a series of Sunday afternoon events after churches reopen.
  • Conduct VBS online.
    • Ask high school or college students to help you maximize digital and social media options.
    • Try VBS “take-out”. Create family packages with student activity books, craft supplies and give-aways for parking lot pick-ups or home drop-offs.
    • Run large group sessions using video conferencing or other live streaming platforms.
    • Run small groups using video conferencing, or provide instructions for parents to teach the Bible lesson at home.
    • Check back with us for updates, as many publishers are considering digital-friendly options that we can make available to you.

What are some budget-friendly options?

  • Use your VBS Director’s Guide to adjust a 5 day VBS to 3 days.
  • Purchase a Two-Day Weekend VBS, or another economical VBS .
  • Create an online shopping registry and ask for donations.
  • Ask families to save items for you as they do spring cleaning.
  • Ask creative friends and family to begin working on decorations right now. Encourage kids at home to help!
  • Plan a craft that utilizes empty toilet paper rolls and ask families to save them. J
  • Revise your budget with our Budget Worksheets.

At Christianbook, we are more committed than ever to provide the resources you need to keep moving forward. We’re here to help you succeed in being the church – with or without a building. We’d love to hear your suggestions too. Please share your ideas on our Facebook Kid Min page, here.

Finally, if you need a little encouragement about the impact of VBS on lives may I suggest the book It’s Worth It: Uncovering How One week Can Transform Your Church. This is a Kairos time in history. Together, we can make a difference for the Kingdom of God.



VBS Editor at Christianbook


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