Parenting During a Pandemic: Protect the Peace of Your Home

Parenting Coronavirus

How do you parent during a pandemic? You work hard to protect the peace of your home!

For children, how they feel at home has a big impact on their emotional health. Children need at least one, nonjudgmental space in their life where they can share and be heard. Parents, grandparents, caregivers – we get to be this space for the kids in our life.

Most children will be unable to grasp the fullness of COVID19: the impact it may have on health care systems, the stock market, small businesses, or church giving – I mean, goodness, at this point we adults are struggling to grasp and understand our new reality. What children can grasp today (and most days) is: do I feel safe? Do I feel loved? Do I feel secure? We can help kids answer these questions with a resounding yes and here are some tips on how to do it:

Tip #1 Listen to your kids talk

Make eye contact with them – listen not just to hear their words, but to understand what they are saying. Listen to what they are trying to say but maybe don’t have the words yet to fully communicate. Then talk.

Tip #2 Let them feel

Give kids space to express how they truly feel. Validate that their feelings are real. Their feelings may not be true but they are nonetheless very real. Help them work through their feelings and as you do that, remind your children that ‘with God all things are possible’.

Tip #3 Don’t shame or judge your children

Remember we want to create safe places for our children. We want to protect the peace of their hearts. Our relationship as caregivers with our children has a direct impact on their relationship with God, the Father. Ask yourself as the parent, ‘if I was bringing this concern to God, how would he react?’ Throughout Scripture we see the character of God displayed by his loving kindness, his gentleness, his patience, his Father’s heart – his heart is never to shame or belittle. Take that same approach as you parent.

Tip #4 Share from your heart

We don’t want to burden our kids with our grown up issues or transfer our insecurities on to them. But it is important for them to see and hear how you process life and its ups and downs. Share your experiences with an emphasis on how God has helped you.

As you parent during this pandemic – protect the peace of your home. Limit what kids hear from the media. Be mindful of their hearts as you talk about what is happening in the world. Talk about the pandemic with God’s nearness in mind. Read the Bible together.

Praying Psalm 91

To help you out a little, my ten-year-old daughter and myself created this printable to help you study Psalm 91 with your children. Click here to download! 

And remember, we are in this together- and together we will rise as stronger, more compassionate people.

How do you keep your home environment peaceful? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

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