16 Signs You’re a VBS Volunteer

We all know the VBS volunteers are special people. They have boundless energy, enthusiasm and a never-ending supply of paint!  It truly requires incredible dedication and most of all a dream to see people come to Christ at an early age. But lets not forget the coffee… lots of coffee!

We thought we’d ask some of our own VBS experts what they think it means to be a VBS volunteer. Here’s what they said when we asked them to finish the following sentence – ‘You know you’re a VBS volunteer when…’

1. You normally don’t like to sing in public, but there’s just something about VBS songs that makes you dance and sing like no one is watching.

2. You come home with glitter, glue, and marker all over you, but you consider it stylish.

3. You joined a gym so you can physically keep up with kids during field games.

4. You purchased new sunglasses, new sneakers, or learned how to do boxer braids specifically for that “VBS Leader” look you’ve seen others do so effortlessly each year.

5. The bulk of your cardio comes from trips to the bathroom or trips to the nurse.

6. You use the theme catchphrase of the week in everyday conversation.

7. You think sometimes you enjoy it more than the students.

8. You are an all-time Fishy-Fishy Cross My Ocean game champion.

9. You find yourself acting and speaking like your VBS Bible character, even when you’re at home.

10. You have a whole dresser drawer devoted to VBS t-shirts.

11. When you memorize the names of the children/teens in your group and still find yourself praying for them long after VBS has ended.

12. You’ve lost your voice by day 2 because of all the cheering and singing.

13. Once you know the theme, you immediately begin brainstorming costume ideas to make your students more excited.

14. You can’t sleep the Sunday night before VBS week because you’re so excited.

15. You have a secret goal of having the satisfaction of turning a very quiet, shy kid in your group to a talkative, dancing and jumping student by the end of the week.

16. You’ve already blocked off vacation days from work for next year’s VBS week.


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