16 Signs You’re A VBS Director

VBS Volunteer

Ah, so you’re a VBS director? You may have agreed to tackle what might be one of your church’s biggest evangelical events of the year… but don’t stress! You are not alone. There are thousands of you with the same dedication for teaching God’s Word to children across the USA.

It truly takes a lot to be a VBS director – energy, enthusiasm, patience, tenacity, and so much more. We thought it would be an eye-opening exercise to ask some of our VBS experts at Christianbook.com to finish the following sentence – ‘You know you’re a VBS director when…’

Here’s what they said.

1. You have a Pinterest board started in September for next year’s themed snacks and décor.

2. The time of year immediately following New Year’s is considered “VBS Prep Season”.

3. You start shopping in January for your themed “outfit.”

4. You wake up every morning with the VBS theme song first on your mind, the entire sound track memorized, and the song actions stick with you for years to come.

5. You look at the recycling bin with eyes toward decorations & crafts (where gallon milk jugs become igloos, cardboard boxes become palm trees, and empty baby food jars become craft projects).

6. You pull out the re-usable Christmas trees and white lights two seasons a year.

7. You save your child’s birthday party decorations just in case they will fit with a future VBS theme.

8. You have a closet full of totes dedicated to VBS Props.

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9. You find yourself making up hand motions to songs…. every song.

10. You spend Sundays trying to help parents understand that it’s not free daycare, but that their kids will actually learn and grow in faith.

11. Secretly, you will accept all kids (even for the purposes of free day-care) because you want everyone to learn about Jesus’ love for them.

12. People in your church feel sorry for you, but you keep telling them they are missing out.

13. You can’t sleep the Sunday night before VBS because you are still at the church finishing last minute decorations.

14. The weekend before VBS includes dozens of trips to discount and big-box stores for last minute prep needs.

15. You cherish in your heart seeing teens becoming leaders and positive role models as they help with VBS.

16. You look forward to the Sunday after VBS because the church is full of kids and they LOVE to be there, full of great excitement to be in the house of the Lord.

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