We Pick… Christian Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

Love Songs for Valentine's Day

Whatever your relationship status this Valentine’s Day – whether you are in a romantic relationship or being thankful for a lifelong friendship – we can all celebrate the love that brings us together this February 14th!

Here are some of our favorite Christian songs to help fill the day with L-O-V-E.


Love Songs for Valentine's Day - Steven Curtis ChapmanI Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman

Album: More To This Life (1989)

Favorite Lyrics: I will be true to the promise I have made; To you and to the One who gave you to me


Love Songs for Valentine's Day - Brandon Heath


Love Will Be Enough For Us by Brandon Heath

Album: Blue Mountain (2012)

Favorite Lyrics: We’ll build a little cabin on a really tall hill; Plant a little garden, pray for every meal; And we’ll grow and we’ll grow



Love Songs for Valentine's Day - NewSong & Natalie GrantWhen God Made You by NewSong & Natalie Grant

Album: More Life (2003)

Favorite Lyrics: I wonder what God was thinking; When He created you; I wonder if He knew everything I would need; Because He made all my dreams come true



Love Songs for Valentine's Day - Casting CrownsAngel by Casting Crowns

Album: Come To The Well (2011)

Favorite Lyrics: You’re the proof that the Father answers prayers; ‘Cause somehow someway; You and I are standing here



Love Songs for Valentine's Day - Kiss of Heaven Darlene ZschechEverything About You by Darlene Zschech

Album: Kiss of Heaven (2003)

Favorite Lyrics: You hold me in your arms; And once again, I know; That I’m the only one for you


Love songs for Valentine's Day - Britt Nicole


Fallin In Love by Britt Nicole

Album: Britt Nicole (2016)

Favorite Lyrics: I’ve been thinking ’bout ya; Every second, day and night; Yep, it’s something I just can’t ignore


Love Songs for Valentine's Day - Jaci VelasquezLook What Love Has Done by Jaci Velasquez

Album: Jaci Velasquez (1998)

Favorite Lyrics: And my heart is dancing through each day; My soul is running free; Look what Love has done to me.


Love Songs for Valentine's Day - Bebo Norman


A Page Is Turned by Bebo Norman

Album: Ten Thousand Days (1999)

Favorite Lyrics: Beneath the air of autumn, she took him by his hand; And warm within the ardor, she took his heart instead 


Love songs for Valentine's Day - Andrew PetersonMy One Safe Place by Andrew Peterson

Album: The Burning Edge Of Dawn (2015)

Favorite Lyrics: I believe in the love of the Father and / I believe in the power of grace / I believe that He brought us together and / You are my one safe place



Love Songs for Valentine's Day - for KING & COUNTRYThis Is Love by for KING & COUNTRY

Album: Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. (2014)

Favorite Lyrics: I’m yours completely / No matter what comes our way / I’ll love you til the end of my days



Love Songs for Valentine's Day - Danny GokeyBetter Than Gold by Danny Gokey

Album: Hope In Front Of Me (2014)

Favorite Lyrics: She makes my world complete / She snuck right out of my dreams / I know she’s better than gold



Love Songs for Valentine's Day - CeCe WinansMore Than What I Wanted by CeCe Winans

Album: CeCe Winans (2001)

Favorite Lyrics: The search is over now I know You are the one / Somebody tell me / Where did an angel come from?



Love Songs for Valentine's Day - The AftersWhen You’re With Me by The Afters

Album: Live On Forever (2016)

Favorite Lyrics: The sun shines brighter when you are here / My heart beats louder and time just disappears / Everything is how it should be



Love Songs for Valentine's Day - Michael W SmithForever Yours by Michael W. Smith

Album: Wonder (2010)

Favorite Lyrics: Until forever, I’ll be forever yours / There is no other, I am forever yours



Love songs for Valentine's Day - JJ HellerMeant To Be by JJ Heller

Album: Sound Of A Living Heart (2015)

Favorite Lyrics: When God made you / He already knew / That we were meant to be



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