8 Fun Games for Your VBS

VBS Games

VBS can be one of the best weeks of the year for some kids and churches! Games play a huge part in communicating some of the messages and themes of VBS. They are especially good at creating unity, and shared experiences through team work. So, we thought we’d look at how you can turn familiar games – like tag and relays – into theme-related VBS games.

Here are 8 games that you could add into the rotation this year…

Sharks and Minnows (Also known as “Fishy, fishy cross my ocean”)

In this game, students run from one side of the area to the other side while trying to avoid being tagged. When you are tagged by one of the sharks, you become like seaweed. You have to stand in the same spot but can help the sharks tag the fish as they run from side to side.

Sponge Relay

Teammates have to take a sponge, dip it in a bucket of water, run over to the bucket on the other side and squeeze out the water. You can determine the winner either by who gets a pre-set line of water first or who gets the most water after going through all of their teammates. It’s usually a race against the clock type of game.

Hula Hoop Ring

Teammates get in a circle and hold hands. Without letting go, they must pass a hula hoop around the entire group just using their bodies, not their hands. First team to get the hula hoop around the entire group, wins!

Dodge Ball With “Medic”

This is a twist on a typical dodge ball game. There is a “medic” that can save people and get them back in the game by spraying them with some water from a spray bottle.

Blind Maze (Using Hot and Cold)

Set up obstacles and have one or two people be the callers for their team verbally assisting the blindfolded players through obstacles from the start to the finish line. The teammates all need to be blind folded.

Capture the Flag

Separate into two teams, each team must have a flag. The object is to capture the other team’s flag without getting tagged. The area should be split into two sides; each side will have a base where the flag is guarded and a jail where the tagged students have to wait to be released. Incorporate theme related objects to use as the flag.

Egg on the Spoon (*Customizable)

Each team must race to the finish line while balancing a small object on a spoon, or spoon-like object with handle. If the object is dropped, they must begin again from the starting line. *Depending on the theme, students can use chopsticks, shovels, or oars and anything spoon-like to satisfy the theme’s cohesiveness throughout the program.

Musical Chairs

Students walk/dance around the chairs* which match the number of students minus one. At the end of each round a chair is removed. This allows one person to get out each round. When the music starts everyone starts walking/dancing. When the music stops each student must sit in a chair to guarantee themselves a spot in the next round. Use your VBS music so the students can sing along as they play. *If you want to continue your VBS theme replace chairs with object related to your program (Mats, Driftwood, Life-vest, Logs, Bases).

Happy Game Playing!

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