Pastor Appreciation Ideas


Pastors work incredibly hard. We all know this. They put in long hours week in and week out, and often put a lot of their personal needs aside to help those of the congregation. That’s why Pastor Appreciation Month is such an important time on the calendar. It’s a time when we can truly show how thankful we are for all the work they do and the sacrifices they make to serve God.

So, we thought we’d put together a few ideas to help you to reach out to your pastor and show how much you appreciate them.


Write a Thank You Note

Simple enough right? Just take a little time to write down a few ways your pastor has impacted your life and how thankful you are for that. Maybe you could expand this idea further and have the church’s children jot down some notes to the pastor – their heart will surely melt over all the lovely thoughts from the congregation’s youngest members.

Meet a Simple Need

Fill up their car, buy a new set of tires, do a weekly grocery shop, deliver dinner to their home – these are all things that need to be done, but can be hard to fit into the budget for some, or simply get left behind in a pastor’s busy life! Another idea is to offer some nights of childcare throughout the month to allow the pastor some quality time with their significant other.

Expand Their Library

Now, we’ve never met a pastor who wouldn’t love more books for their library! You might not know exactly what books they have on their ‘to-read’ list, so a gift card is the perfect solution. (Psst! You can gift a gift card instantly, by clicking here!). 

A Little Something For Their Spouse and Family

As mentioned above, pastors work long hours – as a result their families often have to make their own sacrifices for the congregation. With this in mind, why not set aside a day that is all about celebrating their partner and children? Or maybe just some small gifts from your family to theirs? Your pastor is sure to appreciate seeing an outpouring of love and acknowledgement for their wonderful family!

Celebrate Memories

This is a classic gift, but a good one! Have a photo of the congregation or the church building framed so they can hang this in their office. It will serve as a simple daily reminder of all the people’s lives they are touching through their work.

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