The Christian Books That Weren’t Written for Christians

This is a guest post from bestselling Christian Fiction author of the Mitford Series, Jan Karon. Her soon-to-be-released novel, ‘To Be Where You Are’ is the 14th book in the series and can be purchased by clicking here. 

WHEN I SURRENDERED MY LIFE at age 42, to the One Who loved us first, I had no idea what was supposed to happen. I honestly did not want to wind up on a street corner with a tambourine.

Right away, God began to work in a way I could only see with opened eyes. After two years of focused prayer about the way ahead, I was able to move to the mountains of North Carolina and begin the journey of writing a novel (my known destination since the age of 10). I had notes, I had a sort of outline about the mountain inn in which it would all take place. Surely I could make this happen.

 But it didn’t happen. No effort was enough.

 I realized I had never given my work to God. I realized my Inn story was a thin story. It would not, by any endeavor, become animated.

Now I was ready to surrender my work to him. I had to learn, as Joni Mitchell said, to peel the onion–all the way down to the heart’s core, from which I wished my work to flow. I knew then that I would not write only for entertainment and for the like-minded. But for those who had not yet stripped down before the throne of grace. To put it simply, I discovered a lot of love at the heart’s core and it was completely crucial that it be shared.

I am deeply grateful to have a devoted following of believers, and just as grateful for the many others who join this divinely-inspired circle of love when they open a Mitford book.

by Jan Karon

Jan Karon - To Be With You - Mitford Series

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