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Q&Awith Dee Henderson - Christian Fiction Author


Oh, Dee Henderson is back again with another suspense-filled read! Her latest novel, ‘Threads of Suspicion’ is the latest installment in the Evie Blackwell Cold Case series – and boy, is it a page-turner. Want to discover Dee Henderson’s inspiration behind the book… as well as what lies ahead for the future? Read on!

Q. Threads of Suspicion continues Evie Blackwell’s story from Traces of Guilt. You’re continuing in more a mystery than a suspense tone with this novel. Are you enjoying that change?

A. I am. I like the puzzle a cold-case mystery presents, how the investigation unfolds, the questions that investigators consider, what they find and where that leads them. By bringing two puzzles into the story that are very different at their core, as the first reader of this book, I had the pleasure of trying to solve them along with the investigators, something I enjoyed a great deal. I think readers will as well. I like the nature of cold case, where the answer to puzzle is there and can be found if enough details are put together in the right order, but it’s not going to yield the truth easily.

Q. David’s personal life has taken some unusual turns. Do you envision creating a tapestry of continuing characters with these stories?

A. Yes, I would like to introduce my readers to all the task-force members over the course of this series. David and his famous girlfriend have a fascinating story, and the questions Maggie is dealing with regarding faith are common to many people. I think her perspective and way of thinking about the topic are important to hear, which is why I chose to introduce David first. I like the love story unfolding between them.

Q. Speaking of how a love story is unfolding, tell us a bit more about the romantic side to this story.

A. There’s a marriage proposal on the table for Evie from Rob Turney, one where he’ll ask if she’s ready to say yes. Evie is mulling over her decision – stressing over it, really.

The stress of whether to say yes or no to a marriage proposal is more common that movies like to represent. I like the fact Evie’s at a decision point in her life. She’s working through threads from her personal history as well as the dynamics of who Rob is. She’ll make a decision, tell Rob her answer, and have a different life as a result of whichever choice she makes. She’ll have to deal with that new reality. To avoid the decision has been the easier course until now, but it’s time for the decision to be made. How people approach personal decisions is always a fascinating puzzle of its own design. Evie is naturally taking me into some interesting places just by being herself. And the flow of David and Evie’s personal lives made for a nice romance layer the mysteries could rest upon.

Q. What has the response to the book been so far?

A. I loved reading the Publishers Weekly review! This was a book that worked on many layers, and I’m pleased the reviewer agreed. I was trying to weave together two mysteries, create compelling missing persons as well as fascinating suspects, explore some faith questions while also unfolding the dynamics of Evie and David’s personal lives, and keep a light touch with all those facts. That’s a long set of hopes for a book. With the help of a wonderful editor who helped smooth out how to present the details, it led to a good outcome. I’m pleased with this book.

Q. Can you describe what you felt like the theme of this series has been?

A. The underlying message of these books is that what is hidden in the past will always come to light. That crimes will eventually be revealed showing the real truth about who people are. It’s taken from the Bible passage – “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” It’s a caution, a warning, that what people think they got away with, God has already seen, and He will bring those hidden things into the light for everyone else to see. I think that’s one reason we like crime fiction so much, when justice is done by the end of the story. God has a heart for justice, and He made us to value and appreciate the same thing.

Q. Do you plan to write more Evie Blackwell stories in the future?

A. I’ll leave that up to God’s direction. I started on a story January 1, and I’m often surprised by where my research takes me and what story gets discovered. I’ve enjoyed writing about Ann and Paul Falcon, and now Evie Blackwell and her circle of connections. I like coming back to old friends and bringing to a story something old and something new. I can see several Evie stories ahead as her life continues – the same with Ann.

A big thanks to our friends over at Bethany House for the chat with Dee Henderson. 

Threads of Suspicion, #2 in the Evie Blackwell Cold Case Series is available for purchase now – click here for more!


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