10 Reminders for Homeschooling Parents

Homeschooling is quite the endeavor. The leap of faith. The sacrifice. The calling. And it’s oh-so-worth-it.

At Christianbook.com we want to make homeschooling as simple as possible. We not only want you to be able to easily find and discover the curriculum and resources that best fit with each of your children, but also support your whole family as you work to meet your educational goals.

Here are 10 simple reminders we hope will encourage you on your way…

1.There’s no one style or method – and no need to compare

What works for your family won’t necessarily work for another, and vice versa. That goes for everything from chore training to math curriculum. While we all love getting together, giving reviews on methods, styles, curriculum, field trips, and whatever else is on the conversational docket, release yourself from wanting to “measure up” to some standard or skill-set defined by people who are not you and do not know your kids the way you do.

2. There will be good days and bad days

And really, good seasons and bad seasons. Cycles. Normalcy and high points. Good days when every single item somehow gets checked off your to-do list, the kids are reading books together, and a homemade dinner gets on the table. Bad days when no one gets out of their pajamas, there are tears and fights, and nothing gets accomplished. Then there are the whole slew of days in between where it becomes so easy to lose sight of the end goal, the long-term, the fact that through all days and all seasons, you’re moving forward and making progress. It might be slow, it might be difficult to see, but it is progress nonetheless.

3. You can do it (and do it well)

Doubt is natural. You’re undertaking an enormous effort with incredibly important ramifications – homeschooling is no small matter. To make it even more interesting, the learning curve never stops, each grade bringing its own challenges one year after another. But you can do it. It might not look the same as what you expected, there might be shifts and pivots, and you might need a lot more help than you anticipated, but you’ll be able to pull it off.

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4. Facilitating is key

Also file this under “you don’t have to do it all yourself”. You don’t have to know how to code or how to create statistical two-tailed test. You just have to be able to get teachers who do. Co-ops are great for the “in-person” classroom experience, high schools and community colleges often have classes homeschoolers can attend, tutors are available everywhere, and online classes provide countless options to expand you student’s education. The educational world is at your fingertips!

5. Socialization is the easy part…

Though having to deal with the questions and accusations people have about socialization might not be. Homeschooling makes it easy to socialize – it’s a “little” thing to make play-dates, participate in an activity, or join a club, but it pays off in spades when you have confident, self-assured kids who can interact with those younger, older, and the same age as themselves.

6. Finding encouraging friends makes everything SO MUCH BETTER

Having support and encouragement can make a world of difference when you’re facing problems large and small. Co-ops, support groups, friends from church, online buddies and bloggers – weave together your own support network and find the folks whom you can count on for solid advice, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and plenty of prayer.

7. It takes investment

Homeschooling is not an investment-free enterprise. It takes money and time to research and implement curriculum, time for daily instruction and guidance, and it takes energy – a lot of energy. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel wistful about all we could do if we just had a bit more. Give yourself the grace and space to take a moment and not only be thankful for the things you do have, but trust that despite seeming limitations you’ll be able to transcend whatever struggles you face – and that the end result will be worth it all.

8. Homeschooling is a lifestyle

Seriously. Homeschooling brings the freedom to structure your entire life in a way that suits your whole family. Traveling? Lots of trips to historical places? Extra emphasis on subjects of skills important to your kids? The ability to go places at off-times and off-hours? The delightful blurring of education with “real life” – that proverbial definition of education as lighting a fire? It’s a lifestyle, and a glorious one at that.

9. Every child is different

Even if you are able to use a multi-level curriculum that keeps everyone engaged you’ve still got learning styles to balance (books for one kid, audiobooks for another, crafts for the third..) and when you integrate naturally divergent interests, plus different learning styles, plus any special needs or learning difficulties… it’s a lot to track. It really is a wonderful thing to behold though – it’s these unique interests and approaches that often propel kids into being self-directed learners. Into being willing to put in the sacrifice and effort. Into research. Into books. Into their life-long hobby, major, or career.

10. It’s about the relationship

They’re your children. Education is important – you’ve counted the cost and committed – but without relationships as the foundation, the educational goals will falter. While they won’t remember every project or every book, they’ll remember the tenor, the tone, the life that you all shared. That’s one of the greatest benefits of homeschooling – being with your kids, day in and day out, leading and guiding and influencing and loving.


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